We turn information into valuable experiences.

Mobile tools to streamline jobs

MiServ technology not only works for users seeking services but also for service providers, with tools like mobile apps to streamline jobs.

Specialized service to more than 150,000 owners

Customer service is the center of our business strategy

60 years working with the trust of more than 5,000 Neighboring Communities

To make life easier for Owners and Neighborhood Communities we have created the Miserv platform that connects your needs with trusted professionals. This is how we give instant solutions for homes and communities.

To enjoy Miserv, all you have to do is download the Mobile Application and search for the service that is needs. Whether it is a long-term renovation project or a last-minute incidental. The Technology manages to improve our day to day life.

How do we measure the value of our App?
Because of the value it has for you and your Community of Neighbors.

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